Monday, September 30, 2013

♡My Fantasy Hair Review♡

Hey everyone!

So a while ago I posted a "first impressions" blog post on my My Fantasy Hair hair extensions. Well, after having two sets from them for a while, and just purchasing a new set of their extensions which are said to be better quality, I figured I would post my full review on them! (I will also have a video review as well that I will link to this post after it's up!)

So here are my final thoughts about this company and extensions! :)

Company Satisfaction/ Customer Service:
-I love their customer service! They are so beyond nice, and really make the effort to do all that they can to help you out. I have emailed them numerous times and have received an email back within 24hrs, unless it's on a weekend. They have also answered any questions I have had, and I have also done the color match with them each time I have ordered and have gotten matched to their color chart.

Hair Extensions:

Quality - These extensions are outstanding quality, in my opinion. I have tried several different brands and I really do love their quality and keep going back to them. The reason I have so many sets, is because I change my hair color so often, and although they can be dyed, I like having several different sets on hand just in case I change my mind.
I have dyed them and cut them before, and it has not changed the softness of the hair. I do make sure to deep condition really well though.
The hair is very thick, doesn't shed much, stays soft, the wefts are really sturdy, and the clips are very nice as well; I don't have any issues with them no staying clipped or having issues clipping. (I do tease my roots though where I clip them in just to be on the safe side)

Variety - These extensions come in many different shades and lengths, as well as thicknesses. They have 12 different colors and 5 different choices of length.
The lengths they have are:
14"- 150g
18"- 160g
20"- 180g
24"- 190g
26"- 210g

I think they have the best selection when it comes to length as you can go shorter if you have shorter hair, or you can choose a really long set if you love really glamorous hair!

Performance - Now, you might be thinking, "performance?" Yes. Think about it; you don't want to be wearing extensions on an every day basis or or a long day out and have to worry about them. These, I don't worry about at all. I wear them every single day, and they hold up through wind, rain, just about anything (although I don't swim or shower or sleep with them in lol) but they don't slip or slide around, they stay put, and they may get somewhat tangled but a quick brushing fixes that!

Final Thoughts 
I am super happy with every set I have purchased! My two older sets are still really soft and wearable and I can still go back to them if I want to add in different colors, or if I decide to change up my hair color again. My newest set that just arrived is super soft, even softer than my first two and just the same great quality :)

So here are some pictures of my new set + my other sets that I have!

Here is my set in #1 Jet Black 18" 160g

Here is my set in #613 Bleach Blonde (toned with purple shampoo to make them white) 14" 150g

Here is my current hair color: I'm wearing the bleach blonde set dyed a dark golden blonde

And here is the newest set I purchased! :) The hair is even softer than my other sets, and I love it!! I do have to dye them just a shade to match my current hair exactly, because in natural light they are a bit lighter. I will also have to cut some layers in, as I do with all of my sets. :) But I'm definitely looking forward to wearing these!!
I got them in the shade #18 Butterscotch and 14" 150g. :)

Thanks for reading, and I will post the link to my video review once it's up!! :)



*6/18/15 I am now partnered with my favorite company! And because of that, I have a coupon code to share!
Use code "samantha" for 5% off your entire purchase!
I love these extensions so I am glad to be working along side this amazing company. Feel free to use the code to get a discount on your own set of extensions! :)


  1. I bought these extensions after reading such good reviews, and they are amazing. I had doubts because I had tried so many. I didnt even know what good extensions were honestly. The ones I had before were tangled and matted after the first time I washed them! Ive had these now for almost a year, and I can't believe how good of shape they are in. Customer service was awesome, and I told them I would definitely write some reviews for them.

    1. Glad to hear you've liked them too! :) I really love their extensions. I try others because I like to see what's out there but have decided to stop because I just can't find any that are better than My Fantasy. I have several sets that I've had for a year or more and they are still soft! It amazes me too! lol

  2. Hello! I've wanted to get these extensions for a really long time as I have read good reviews on this company. I really want to get these but the set I want are $209.99. WHAT?! I don't have that money :p Weird question, but do you think they would have a Black Friday sale? cx Thanks again for this great review.

    1. I'm not sure if they would or not, but I know it sounds like a lot but these extensions last for years. I still use my very first set that I purchased 2 years ago. If you take good care of them and don't wash them hardly at all (which you don't have to), use heat protectant, and deep condition when you do wash, they can last even longer. Cheaper extensions don't last long at all, so it's really just a waste of money, trust me, I learned the hard way! lol Save up if you really want them :) They are totally worth every penny!

  3. Hi,

    I want to get an ombré done to my toffee set( just dye the top black or dark brown) but I'm scared that the texture will be ruined after coloring them. What has your experience been with coloring them?

    1. They were just fine after dying them! Since you are doing a darker color, they shouldn't change much at all in terms of how they feel. I never lighten my extensions, so I would't recommend that to anyone, but definitely dying them a darker color has never hurt any set I have. I dyed the light blonde set to a darker blonde, and the later to black. I do make sure to rinse them out really well, and then let conditioner set on them for a good few hours or overnight to moisturize them well, then follow up with just a little argan oil. I hope this helps! :)

  4. I just purchased the chocolate brown 20 inch. First clip in purchase ever. Fingers crossed.

    1. Yay!! They take some getting used to with styling and what not at first, but you will love them!! :-)