Monday, February 22, 2016

♡Shop my Poshmark Closet! BLOG SALE!♡

Hi everyone!

I wanted to make a blog post about my new Poshmark Closet! I decided to create an account and start selling some items that have been lightly used or are still new! I have everything ranging from shoes, clothing, handbags, handmade jewelry, vintage items and makeup! I even have some new body care items as well!

If you don't have a poshmark account, you can sign up for free! Just download the app. :) 

Here is my shop if you'd like to look around:

And here is a sneak peek of what I have in my closet:

If you look and don't have a poshmark account but really want an item at the price it is and it is still available, email me at with the inquiry title "BLOG POSHMARK" and I will email you back about details on purchasing! There will also be a $5.95 shipping fee for all items. If you bundle items, you only have to pay shipping once. Anything over 5lbs. will have an increase in shipping price, which you can get details of if you send an email. First come, first serve and no holds unless on Poshmark. 

So I wanted to share this with you all and I hope you enjoy my closet!!


Samy Rae

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

♡How to Revive Curly Synthetic Wigs♡

Hi loves!

Recently I've been wearing wigs, all synthetic and mostly half wigs. Besides the styles, synthetic wigs, especially curly ones tend to be a bit dry and can tangle easily if you don't use the right products on them. 

One of mine that I love was pretty beat up from playing around with it one night. I hadn't washed it yet but knew I needed to so I could add some moisture to it before wearing it. In the past I wore a full wig that was curly and tried many products but didn't find anything that I loved.

Since I already had my My Fantasy Hair shampoo & conditioner on hand from having my extensions, I decided to try it on my synthetic hair, although it's made for human hair extensions. The outcome? I absolutely will not use another product on my synthetic hair!!!

If you're interested in the MFH hair care line, you can use code "samantha" for a discount!

Yes, I of course promote MFH, but I'm telling you their conditioner especially is a MIRACLE worker on synthetic curly hair!!!

Here is a before and after of my synthetic curly half wig after shampooing and conditioning with my MFH hair products:

All I did with this hair was shampoo, condition (leaving the conditioner on about a half hour before rinsing), then letting it air dry while combing through with my fingers, and VOILA! Nice, soft, amazing smelling and tangle free curly hair!

To keep up with maintaining the hair, after every wear I use a "leave in conditioner mix" I created  with the MFH conditioner and water in a spray bottle! I just spritz the hair enough to make it damp and run my fingers through it. It helps separate the curls and prevents the hair from tangling up throughout my next wear. :)

I hope this helped out in finding a solution that's super easy to maintain curly synthetic hair! I even use the leave in spray on my straighter synthetic hair and it also helps to moisturize and detangle! 

If you have any comments or questions leave them below, and I hope you enjoyed!


Samy Rae

*I am a promoter for My Fantasy Hair, and my code is an affiliate code. However, I would only promote products I love and I can't get enough of their hair care line! Feel free to use my code for a discount on anything on the site!