Tuesday, June 16, 2015

♡How I Keep My Hair Extensions Soft & Shiny♡

Hi Loves!
I know I just posted a products for dry & damaged hair and extensions post (see link below):

But I wanted to share the one main product that is holy grail for me in keeping my hair extensions soft and shiny!

I wear human hair extensions and have tried many different brands. All hair extensions have a life span and over time can get pretty dried out with constant heat styling, coloring (if you choose to dye them), every day elements like the wind, and just every day wear. Also, they don't have the oil production and nutrients that our normal hair gets which is why you really have to take care of them.

I have been wearing my My Fantasy Hair extensions for a long time now. I have a newer set that are amazing but because I like a lot of hair, I wear some of my older sets as well, including a quad weft that I love (because it is a super thick piece). All of my older sets of extensions are still in decent condition however, they can get pretty tangled if I don't keep them properly moisturized, especially my quad weft since it is so used and abused, and thick hair which can tend to get tangled more quickly!

I don't want to wash & condition my extensions all that often because washing dries them out, so for over about two years now I've incorporated the One n Only Argan Oil spray into my daily hair routine!

I love spraying this in my natural hair and my extensions everyday before and after styling! When I feel like my extensions are drying out, I just spray some of this in them, brush them through, and they feel amazing, are very shiny, and also smell really great too (which is a plus if you don't want to wash them all of the time). 

I highly recommend stopping and getting this if you see it! (I get mine at Sally's Beauty Supply). It's super affordable and works wonders on extensions!

(Wearing MyFantasyHair extensions in 18 (cut to 16) & 14 inches, Jet Black)

I hope this helped and thanks for reading lovlies!!


Samy Rae

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*This post is not sponsored by My Fantasy Hair. Some extensions have been sent to me in the past for promotional purposes, but I also own sets that I purchased myself. Just showing you my hair loves and sharing my favorite brand with you all! :)