Saturday, July 7, 2012

♡Freshlook Colorblends Colored Contacts- Sterling Grey (for dark eyes)♡

Hey everyone! So in my most recent video as of now, I was wearing some colored contacts. They are the Freshlook Colorblends in Sterling Grey. My eye are naturally a medium to dark brown, as you can see in previous posts, and I wanted some colored contacts to lighten my eyes for fun. I've had these since last year but don't wear them all that often because they are a bit dry. But here are some pics of how they look! And you can see how they look in real life by watching my newest video on my channel! Link is in the side bar of my blog :)

♡OOTD/FOTD: Summer Pics #5 (overload) lol♡

So, I'm going to do a few summer pics posts back to back since I've neglected my blog for a here we go! :)

Shirt: Volcom-PacSun

Glasses Day :)

NEXT...My fave shirt ever! And a FOTD. Did a "get ready with me" video on this look, so check out my channel to get this makeup! And the shirt is from PacSun :)

NEXT....goofing off, going out with the bestie for lunch! Shirt, again, PacSun

And last but not least....a family cookout day. :) Shirt: TJMaxx