Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sleek Haul! (my first purchase from Sleek Makeup)

Hey everyone! So I made an online purchase from Sleek on the 16th, and it arrived today (the 31st). It took 2 weeks to get here and I was DYING! it felt like an eternity! But it came in the mail and I decided to do some swatches =) So I hope you enjoy!!!

Things I got:
-Sleek divine mineral based eyeshadow palette in "Oh So Special"
-Sleek Pout Paint in "milkshake"
-Sleek Glisten Me Liquid Illuminator in "Empress"

Sleek eyeshadow palette: Oh So Special
Sleek Pout Paint: milkshake
Sleek Glisten Up liquid Illuminator: Empress

with flash

without flash

"Oh So Special" swatches: with flash

"Oh So Special" swatches: without flash

Sleek Pout Paint: milkshake & Sleek Glisten Up: empress: WITH FLASH

Sleek Pout Paint: milkshake & Sleek Glisten Up: empress: WITHOUT FLASH

milkshake & empress w/flash swatches

milkshake & pout paint w/flash swatches, blended in.

BACK TO RED! How I got rid of my black hair!

Hey everyone!

So I no longer have black hair, and after being several medium/dark shades for a while I decided it was time to return to my natural hair color. I LOVED my black hair, but it was slowly becoming a hassle due to me having to dye my roots every 3-4 weeks. Also, I want to grow out my hair and I knew that if I wanted to grow it out, I would have to get my hair healthy, and dying it all the time wouldn't help that situation. So, I conquered getting the black out of my hair, and my hair back to my natural color (well close), and this is how I did it:

1. I first had to bleach out the black hair dye that was in my hair. (note: I had only been using black hair dye for about 3 months, some semi-permanent, so it wasn't built up in my hair over years or anything, which helped with the removal process. the longer black permanent dye has been in your hair, meaning you've dyed black over black over black, the harder it is going to be to get out).

2. I did so by bleaching out the black using Clairol Born Blonde Maxi from the drugstore. I bought 2 boxes to ensure I had enough to cover my hair, put it on, and left it on for up to 90 min. as listed on the box. My hair was a neon orange, which is what I wanted it.

3. After the first bleaching, I still had dark splotches around my root area from where the bleach didn't take. So I had to go back over with another box of bleach (same kind) and just put it on the dark ares, left it on for about 40 min. this time. 

4. Between each bleaching, and even before I made sure to DEEP condition! I used Dove Intense Repair conditioner. 

5. After my 2nd bleaching I was ready to dye over it. I used Revlon Colorsilk dye (2 boxes), number 56- which is one of their newest shades. The name itself I don't remember, but it was along the lines of "natural auburn" or something like that. I tried finding a picture of the box but couldn't. 

After all of this my hair turned out the color I wanted it. It has since faded a bit, but I plan on doing a semi-permanent over it in a couple of months. But for now I am going to focus on repairing it. This process did of course dry out my hair majorly, but with conditioners and serums I am getting it hydrated again. It didn't break off my hair at all, and I thank that to the kind of bleach I used. The Clairol bleach is by far the most gentle bleach I've used from the drugstore, so I recommend using it for lifting color and dying over. 

My hair now:

Thursday, January 5, 2012

WHY I have been gone SOOOO long! Plus wedding update!

Oh my goodness, you all probably think I am terrible :x I'm so sorry for being gone for so long, but I will tell you why I have been.

I was planning for my wedding, and was so super busy with that plus school that I had no time to film. THEN I GOT MARRIED!!!!! I got married Dec. 17th :) And then we went on our week long honeymoon, got back, then it was Christmas. 
Right after Christmas though some personal problems happened, along with my mom going into the hospital for a serious health condition. =/ She's still recovering and has to have surgery in 2 weeks, so I won't be making videos for a while longer, or posting much. I am going to try very soon to make a video but I am also dealing with finals right now as well. yuck. 

But here are some pictures from my wedding and from the honeymoon :) I really hope to be back soon on my blog and on Youtube once things calm down and get back to normal! 



The amazing jacuzzi tub that was in our hotel room! Our King Suite :)

The BEAUTIFUL Michael Kors purse my hubby got for me :)


My fave outfit of the whole honeymoon :)

Our Rings!! :)