Monday, October 3, 2011

Long awaited post!

Oh my goodness! I have so much to update on! yikes! I just keep forgetting to sign into my blog and keep it update. With school, family and friends, wedding planning, my youtube channel which is branching off into a vlog channel as well, I just get so lost!

BUT, I am back with some exciting news that I think you will like! I dyed my hair...AGAIN! haha

It is now a medium brown shade! I used Clariol Perfect 10 Haircolor in Medium Ash Blonde (swift chocolate) and I am loving it :)

 I also got a new HD camera so all my pictures and videos on my channel will be in MUCH better quality! So make sure you follow my channel as well! I also got a twitter if you'd like to follow me on there: @heyitssamyrae

But that's all for now! I'm waiting for some things to arrive in the mail so I should be doing some giant makeup hauls on my channel very very soon! I'll try and do swatches of all the products, both NYX and ELF! eek! So excited. There are some new products that I am dying to try out! Anyway, I will try and stay posted, and here is my new hair!