Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Okay so I lied...but here's FINALLY, an OOTD! Floral Flowy Fall Top!

I lied about updating my blog more than my Youtube channel but I guess I misjudged my priorities. lol I figured it would be easier for me to make blog posts, but really, my blog posts are made off of my videos, so in all reality I'm more likely to post a video before doing a blog post.

But ANYWAY! I'm back with an outfit of the day for the beginning of fall. :) I have posted a few others so far on my channel so go check those out!

This outfit is very casual yet cute and sophisticated, great for the beginning of fall when you're not sure if it's going to be warm or chilly!

What I wore:
-Flowy 3 quarter sleeve silk floral top, off the shoulder. -Walmart
-A pair of skinny jeans with a dark wash with brown undertones to match my accessories. Cuffed at the ankle.
-brown belt around my waist to sinch it in and give the top some shape since it is made kind of boxy. -Forever 21.
-Several stacked bracelets from various places. Brown beaded, pearl, and other bracelets.
-Mustard colored open toe flats from JCPenney, that I wear alllll the time. They played up the yellow flower detail in my shirt.
-Purse was from Rue 21 in a faux patent leather material with ruffling at the top, matched the belt I was wearing.

My baby :)

Sorry for not including any full body pictures, I can't transfer them from my cell to my laptop yet because I don't have the card with me to do it. lol And my Fiance is with my in the first picture, he's so darn cute! :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'm SO indecisive about my hair! :x

Hey, so I thought I'd blog this, I might even make a video...I'm not quite sure yet. lol

But if you haven't noticed already (which I'm probably sure that you have) I'm so terrible indecisive about my hair. Cut and color. I go through phases about once a year where I dye the living crap out of it until I get the color I want, and snip at it a little bit until I get the cut that I am happy with. Well right now I'm happy with the cut, but I'm not happy with the color. :(

As you can see below....I changed my hair from dark red, which I liked at first then didn't, to a golden/strawberry blonde which I did like at first, but now I'm not liking it so much. I feel like it's washing me out and I can't stand it. The only color I've ever had was my bright red color (inserted here....)>>>>

And the only reason I didn't stick with it was because ONE person in my family didn't like it. I know, dumb right?

So...I took a trip to Sally's tonight and bought the bright red dye from when I dyed my hair ^that color. So I think I might get rid of the blonde and go back to bright red. Who knows at this point. I'm just all over the place. haha